Hay tiempo hasta el 5 de Junio para participar del workshop CS-Sports (parte de la  European Conference on Artificial Life) del cual varios de los representantes de  ARSFútbol formaran parte.

Complex networks are networks with non-trivial topological features (scale-free degree distribution, high clustering coefficient or small-world properties). They sit at the edge of chaos between regular lattices and fully random networks, and can capture many natural and social phenomena, e.g., gene interactions or social relationships.

They are an example of complex systems, a paradigm that has been applied in the past to sports and which is the focus of this first workshop on Complex Systems and Sports

The focus of the first edition of Complex Systems and Sports (CS-Sports 2011) is on the use of complex networks to model and analyze interactions in (mainly) team sports. Related topics thus include (but are not limited to):

  • Complex networks in team-sport games
  • Networks of teams
  • Transfer networks
  • Relationship between economics and complex networks in sports
  • Sports fans networks and their dynamics
  • Complex systems analysis and simulation of robotics sports
  • In general, anything that bridges the gap between complex systems and sports
  • Agent-based models of sport games

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